Projects & Services

Extended Reach provides high quality services as full package solutions to clients in the construction, industrial and Oil & Gas Sectors, Extended Reach offers which include excavation, backfilling, compaction and civil works support with equipment, manpower and supervision.

1. Excavation - The digging of earth soil (Soft, Semi-Hard and Hard) to the specified depth, width and breadth according to project plans where foundation, water tank and pipelines required. The types of excavation equipment to be used in an excavation project varies and depends on the scope of work and construction site topography.

2. Backfilling - The process of putting soil back into a trench or foundation once excavation and the related work has been completed. The backfill process requires skills, earth moving equipment and knowledge of the required specifications and soil conditions. Different soils have different and unique characteristics which require different handling techniques to ensure optimum results.

3. Compaction - The main objective of soil compaction is to increase soil density & stiffness and remove air. Hand operated equipment is used for the light soil compaction and compactor roller is used for heavy soil. The selection of the equipment and technique depends on the volume and depth of soil to be compacted and loads on compacted surface as well.

4. Fencing Work - Installation and removing of High and low security fencing. Auguring by skid loader auger machine. Manual and mechanical excavation work for high and Low Security fencing. Concreting and Curring Work for fencing. Fixing of concrete blocks for fencing work. Survey work by the competent person.